Summit Goal #4: Aconcagua

Memorial Day Weekend of 2018 I lost one of my favorite people on this Earth, Steven Beech. When Steven walked in he lit up a room with that huge, disarming smile. His stories, his eternal optimism just drew you in. And the only thing bigger than his smile and charm was his heart. I loved him for who he was. But I especially loved him for what he brought to our lives. Steven was also the other half to one of my best friends, Liz Ryan. I had never seen Liz glow the way she did around Steven. He knew her better than anyone. I’ve never seen anyone else walk into a Sur la Table with Liz and convince her to only walk out with two bags of new kitchen goods instead of four. Her kitchen always smelled delightful when Steven was elbow deep in cooking, and her fridge was stocked with real, amazing food, not just condiments and wine. Their dinner parties were always the event of the season where you had a front-row seat to see them in their element.

Steven had such a big heart coupled with a zest for life that just drew you in. I’ve never had time pass like the times I spent with him and Liz. The world has lost someone amazing, but I am so happy that other people are gaining awareness and support from our loss. One thing Steven was passionate about was organ donorship. I have been an organ donor since I got my first driver’s license. To honor Steven’s memory, and all those who we can help give the gift of life, I am attempting Aconcagua in January 2020 in support of Donate Life.

Aconcagua by the numbers:

Height (in feet): 22,841
Rank out of the seven summits (height): 2
Rank in the world (height): 12
Estimated time to summit: 17 days
Attempted climb timing: January 2019

Join me in helping provide awareness of the importance of saving lives through organ donorship by:

Buying the Aconcagua specific tee shirt when it comes out. Slogan submissions and voting for this shirt will happen in October, with shirts available in November. All proceeds will go to Donate Life.