Do Better FAQs

What’s in a name?

Ironically enough, one of my closest friends is named Charity. Sit on that for a moment. We instantly bonded over many things including our sparkling personalities, go-getter attitudes, and high expectations for ourselves and those around us. So early on we came up with a saying when someone was underachieving, either short-term or long: do better. It’s a playful nudge typically said with pursed lips and smiling eyes, feigning disappointment while encouraging someone to get back on their game, but it’s also a reminder. We do need to set higher expectations for ourselves. We should expect more from others. We should stop dreaming big and start doing. We can and should Do Better.

Is this a real thing? 

It wasn’t until now. The Do Better initiative is something I’ve decided to create and do on my own because supporting the causes that provide research, education and advocacy to solve our world’s problems is important to me.

How did I pick these charities?

See each summit description page for the backstory on each of the seven causes selected, all with a very special meaning to me. Once the causes were chosen, I researched the top charities in each category, vetting their rating and how they use funds raised using Charity Watch and Charity Navigator to weed out the bad apples and make sure our donations work as hard as they can to make a difference.

How much do I need to raise?

Enough to cure cancer. And end domestic abuse. And buy kids books. And save someone’s life. Or none at all. While I have set a fundraising goal for each charity, there are no actual minimum requirements since I am not receiving any support from these charities to take on this adventure. Instead, we are donating because we care.

How can I help?

Buy a tee shirt. Wear the tee shirt. Share using #dobetter and #dobetterinitiative and help get the word out. Shout your support from a mountaintop. Donate. Please donate.