Reflection Lake

The Do Better Initiative

We can’t solve all of the world’s problems, but we can highlight organizations doing amazing things in need of our support. I’ve picked seven charities that mean something personal to me to bring awareness and funding.

The name for this initiative comes from someone very close to me. She constantly reminds people to “do better” when they don’t meet expectations large or small. Therefore the seven charities I’ve chosen remind us to do better:

…for each other
…for ourselves
…for our planet
…for a better future

What I’m Doing

I’m attempting to climb to the Seven Summits in one year as part of the Do Better initiative. The goal is not just a personal challenge, but a way to bring awareness and funding for solutions to problems I can’t solve myself.

My Inspiration

I was sitting in Denali National Park’s visitor center watching a movie on summiting Denali while waiting for the rain to stop. It was another cloudy day and the view of the great mountain was completely obscured. I was inspired watching the movie, but it all clicked when I headed back outside, watched the clouds part to give me the first glimpse of her. Throughout the day the clouds completely cleared up, providing only the spectacular view of Denali in all her glory in the background. It was as clear to me as the view that I had to see her up close, and I had seven good reasons to do it.